Interiors and Builds Gallery
These are just a few of the hundreds of interiors and full builds Eddie has done. There are a lot of wonderful memories here, and we would love for your project to be on this page.

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Gary McDonald's
1963 Corvette
1950 Mercury
Owned by
Ed Potestio
1958 Jaguar
Owned by Bob
and Sheila Seigal
1932 Ford Sedan
Owned by
Joe Marino
The Huntress
1966 Caprice
Owned by
Tony Stewart
Smaller Projects
1930 Ford Model A
Other Projects
1949 Ford Club
Coupe Owned
Tonni Larson
1955 Chevy
Red and Armando
Vigil's 1937 Ford
Terry McDonald's
1935 Ford
The Tutor's
Model A
1937 Ford Coupe
owned by Eddie
Dennis Overholser's
1929 Model A Flathead owned by Bob and Linda Diehl
Joe and Brenda
Marino's 1966
Phil and Judy
1933 Sedan