About Eddie Potestio
It was the day after High School graduation when Eddie bought his first sewing machine, and he had known what he was born to do for many years before that. Since that time, Eddie has designed and built literally hundreds of interiors, and constructed over a hundred award-winning, world-class cars, rods, and trucks. From the earliest models, through the most exotic, to the latest in technology, Eddie has built them all.

So what do you get when you have Eddie design an interior? Aside from the obvious talent, you also get a vision that includes unique details that others won't give you. Details like umbrellas and holders built into the seats of a classic Dodge. Like tasteful sculpting of door panels in unique and classic patterns that you won't tire of after a few months. Like building one-of-a-kind, appropriate enclosures for components, instead of using generic off-the-shelf kits. It's the difference between a car that's just "finished" and a jaw-dropping award winner.

An exacting attention to detail, and a friendly, helpful attitude are hallmarks of Eddie's shop. You may notice that we don't list any "cherry-picked" clients. That's because you're welcome to talk to ANY of Eddie's clients. They'll all tell you the same thing: That there's no one else they want designing their interiors, or supervising their builds. It's that simple.

So bring 30-plus years of experience to bear on your project. Contact Eddie for a no-obligation get-together filled with ideas and possibilities.