Rod & Custom November 2003 - Click for PDF
Nove 2004 Annual - Sorry, no PDF!
Custom Rodder March 2004 - Click for PDF
Hot VWs December 1992 - Click for PDF
Car Kulture Deluxe - Click for PDF
Chevy Truckin', June 1997 - Click for PDF
Custom Rodder January 2003 - Click for PDF
Custom Rodder, March 2007 - Click for PDF
Lowrider, February 2004 - Click for PDF
Popular Hot Rodding, December 2001 - Click for PDF
Street Trucks February 2010 - Click for PDF
Truckin', January 1995 - Click for PDF
Truckin' February 2010 - Click for PDF
Magazine Features
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This is just a sampling of the myriad magazines Eddies' that work has graced over the years. Eddie is very grateful for the continuing support of the staff at all the magazines, and invites you to visit their websites to discover more about them.
Inside Features (click for complete PDF)
Rod & Custom, November 2003 - Interior Tips From the Pros
Eddie was a part of the expert panel, and a photo from the 1964 Impala, currently owned by xxx-xxxxx, was used.
Rod & Custom Magazine
Nova - 2004 Annual, from Super Chevy
1962 Nova wagon, owned by Jeff Miller.
Super Chevy Magazine
Custom Rodder, March 2004 - 1966 Caprice, owned by Tony Stewart
Custom Rodder Magazine
Hot VWs, December 1992- 1965 Bug
Owned by Dave Atencio
Custom Rodder Magazine
Car Kulture Deluxe, 1960 Coupe DeVille, owned by Richie and Malana Cordova
Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine
Chevy Truckin', June 1997
Mitch Diamond's 1986 GMC
Chevy Truckin' Magazine
Custom Rodder, January 2003
Jeff Miller's 1962 Nova Wagon
Custom Rodder Magazine
Custom Rodder, March 2007 -1950 Mercury, owned by Ed Potestio
Custom Rodder Magazine
Hot VWs, December 1993
Eddie and Alisa Potestio's 1967 Type 3
(#1 Show VW in the USA in 1992)
Hot VWs Magazine
Lowrider - February 2004, Tony Stewart's 1966 Caprice
Lowrider Magazine
Popular Hot Rodding, December 2000
Jeff Miller's 1962 Nova Wagon
Popular Hot Rodding Magazine
Street Rodder, February 1998
Jack Merrill's 1932 Speedster
Street Rodder Magazine
Street Trucks, February 2010
Dennis Overholser's Multi-Year Ford
Street Trucks Magazine
Truckin', January 1995
Kevin and Shelly Lawson's 1951 Chevy
Truckin' Magazine
Truckin', February 2010
Dennis Overholser's Multi-Year Ford
Truckin' Magazine